Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Travel Diary Berlin: District Mot

District Mot | Vietnamese Street Food | Rosenthalerplatz – Berlin, Germany |

When it comes to food, I can certainly admit I have a bias for Vietnamese cuisine. But who can blame me? Growing up with the deliciousness of my mum's cooking and visiting the street stalls in Vietnam every few years, how can I not like it? That's the thing I probably miss the most about Berlin: the amount and variety of great Vietnamese restaurants. One of my favourite places is probably District Mot, so once Emma and I dropped off our suitcase, we headed there for lunch. 

What I like about District Mot is that they don't just serve street food from Saigon, they give you the whole experience from plastic chairs to toilet roll tissues. Definitely great when you caught the travel bug but can't make time for a trip to Vietnam. I had the đá sả (lemongrass ice tea) which was super refreshing and aromatic. For the mains we ordered the traditional Bánh tráng bún thịt nướng (DIY rice summer rolls with grilled skewers, rice noodles, salad and fresh herbs) and the Bao Burger to share. The summer rolls were perfect for the summer heat: filling but light and full of flavours. Plus, I love the whole DIY thing, so it's definitely a must-try. Though, the Bao Burger is the reason you have to visit District Mot. It didn't win a couple of burger competitions without a reason: Inside the bao buns, you find a juicy patty, topped with a slice of fresh mango mango, pickled vegetables, coriander, crispy soybean skin and their homemade sauces. The perfect combination of ingredients! Even though, I was really stuffed after those two, I couldn't help but order the dessert, my favourite Tào phớ nước đường (silk tofu with ginger syrup). The texture is probably quite unusual for those who are not too familiar with tofu dishes, but it's a refreshing summer dessert with a slight kick thanks to the ginger.

So I totally recommend District Mot for the whole Saigon street food experience, their Bao Burger and the affordable prices! Well, at least for us Londoners. We paid 22.90€ for two drinks, two mains and one dessert, which is around £16 (what I normally pay for myself in London). Though, for the locals it's probably a bit more on the expensive side (just because everything in Berlin is so incredibly budget-friendly!). The service was average, but Vietnamese are not really known for good service (and I personally don't care too much, as long as I get my food).


Monday, June 29, 2015

Discover Design Stories In The Window

Photos of me by Emma (

I think it first started, when I bought my first Sims game. Using the cheat for unlimited money, I'd spend hours and hours decorating my dream house. I probably spent more time decorating than playing with my characters. But it's recently, when I moved into my current flat and tried to improve my photo styling skills for better pictures, that I really started to have a soft spot for interior design and products. I'd go window shopping offline and online and get visual inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. And of course, I love beautiful things, who doesn't, but for me I want more than that. I want to find out what kind of person the designer is, how he went about creating these beautiful things, what inspires him. Even in fashion, the collections I remembered the most were the ones that had an inspiring story or a unique process (e.g. I heart Alice's beautiful but meaningful designs). 

That's why I'm really excited about In The Window, where you can discover the stories of great design in a visually immersive way. You can find so many designers, makers, interior brands and others (from spaces to furniture to textiles and more) that create "windows" to tell the stories of their work, be it the making process or the inspiration behind a project. I've been wanting to write about interiors for a while, but I always felt like I lacked the knowledge to say something meaningful about it or simply didn't know what designers were out there. However, by reading all those wonderful stories In The Window I'm discovering so many designers, makers and brands and I'm quickly learning so much about the space. And if I want to know even more, I can even contact the designers personally. It's such an engaging way to interact with interiors! You can even curate everything you like with labels (find my curated labels here). It's so easy to do as well: Click the star, create a label and slowly build up your curation. 

For someone who loves interiors and stories, but is also curious about trying out new things (there's a bunch of apps I'm currently testing as well), In The Window is innovative and engaging way to discover great design.

Note: You might also spot me In The Window's video (scroll down to watch it)!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Holiday Essentials: Scotland

Black Dungarees* M&S | Dotted Shirt H&M | Ankle Strap Heels H&M | Black Wide Rim Hat Floralpunk
Leather Backpack* Reiss | Rose Gold Watch* Olivia Burton | Rose Gold Bracelets Floralpunk

I know it's just been a month since I've been to Berlin, but it's already time for another holiday! 4 girls, one car: a road trip to Scotland! I've been wanting to visit Scotland for such a long time and it's finally happening! You can't believe how excited I am. It will also be my first road trip. Let's hope the trip will be full of terrible singing in the car, partying in hostels and lots of Scottish food (hoping it's not just deep fried Mars bars). 

I haven't packed, yet, but I'll probably leave it to the last minute like I always do. Though, I already know a few items, I'll definitely bring to be prepared for any kind of situations. I've done a travel essentials post before (here), however, considering the unpredictable weather up North, you've got to be more careful, when packing. I'll definitely be wearing my new M&S dungarees* that I love to bits. I've been on the hunt for some dungarees for ages (Emma can tell you quite the tale about it) and now that I own a pair, the hunt was definitely worth it! It's because they look stylish, but are practical at the same time! There're so many pockets that I can easily carry around my phone, my wallet and even my small point and shoot camera. No need to rummage through a messy backpack. I'll probably skip the heels though (it just looked quite nice together for these photos). 

To be prepared for any weather situation, I'll also be bringing sun protection (in the form of a small sample of ultrasun Face High SPF 30* and the soothing after sun creme by M&S beauty*) and an umbrella (let's test this bad boy by senz* that's supposed to be windproof). And the last thing that definitely has to be packed is my point and shoot camera. Might be surprising, seeing that I usually shoot with a DSLR. It's just that my friends can easily use it, too, and, especially in the evenings, I won't have to worry about anything happening to my expensive DSLR. With this in mind, I might as well start packing now.

Have you been to Scotland before? I welcome any tips or recommendations! Or maybe road trip survival tips?

photos of me by Emma (