Friday, September 19, 2014

Simply Accessorised

Wide Brim Hat H&M | Lace Trim Dress Bank Fashion* | Asymmetric Blazer New Look | Pointed Flats ASOS 
Leather Backpack Reiss* (here) | Bracelets Floralpunk (here) | Ring Lola & Grace | Necklace H&M

24h foundation, long-lasting lipstick, comfortable shoes and a portable charger. That's what you need for a fully packed Fashion Week day... and probably some great company to run from show to show with you...

While London Fashion Week SS15 is already a past matter with Milan Fashion Week going on and Paris Fashion Week approaching, I've finally gotten around to update on what I have been up to for the past few days. With the final year stressing me out, it's already been a whole year since I've actually attended Fashion Week. Though, just having moved and still running after our management agency to get a full list of things fixed, I've been popping into the Fashion Week craze only now and then, accompanied by the loveliest Hai-Yen from Gisela is Back and Nana aka my personal (unfortunately only temporary) photographer and videographer. With all these non-fun things on my plate, I wasn't able to prepare the most eye-catching and exciting outfits obviously. But then again, it felt nice to simply upgrade my everyday outfits with one or two accessories to make them at least a tiny bit Fashion Week appropriate and spice things up with a few new additions to my wardrobe thanks to some great brands that surprised me with beautiful packages (high five to Reiss, Steve Madden and Three Floor here!).

This lace trim dress has probably been my most favourite piece this summer, since you can just throw it on and you can leave the house. Plus, it's super comfortable and you can easily walk from show to show in this dress. Topped up with a fashionable hat, lots of bling and you are good to go. Also, especially for Fashion Week, you might want to consider getting a backpack. Thank god, it's such a trend right now and I don't have to get my old school backpack out in order to save my back from getting all achy and crooked. I mean, carrying around a camera, a tablet, a make-up pouch, invitations and a bottle of water on one arm? Good luck with that!

24h Foundation, langanhaltender Lippenstift, bequeme Schuhe und ein Aufladegeraet, das sind die Dinge, die ihr fuer einen langen Tag voller Fashion-Week-Aktivitaeten braucht (und wahrscheinlich noch eine nette Begleitung, die mit einem von Show zu Show rennt). Waehrend London Fashion Week SS15 wieder vorbei ist und es bereits weiter mit der Fashion Week in Mailand geht, habe ich endlich die Zeit gefunden, euch von meinen letzten Tagen zu berichten. Durch den Stress in meinem letzten Unijahr konnte ich die letzten beiden Saisons nicht teilnehmen. Aber da ich gerade erst umgezogen bin und meinen Vermietern immer noch wegen irgendwelcher Probleme mit der Wohnung hinterherrenne, war ich auch dieses Mal nicht jeden Tag anwesend. Doch wenn es mal zur Fashion Week ging, wurde ich von Hai-Yen von Gisela is back und Nana begleitet, die mich in London besucht haben und die mir als Fotografen zur Seite standen. Mit all diesen Sachen, die zu erledigen waren, konnte ich natuerlich keine ausgefallenen Fashion Week Outfits planen. Andererseits war es aber schoen einfach meinen Alltagslook mit einigen Accessoires aufzupeppen und ein paar neue Sachen auszufuehren, die mir von Reiss, Steve Madden und Three Floor zugeschickt worden sind. 

Dieses schlichte Kleid ist in den letzten Monaten wahrscheinlich mein Lieblingsteil gewesen, da es so leicht zu kombinieren und super bequem ist. Dann noch einen Hut, eine Sonnenbrille und viel Bling dazu und fertig ist das "Fashion Week" Outfit. Fuer solche Events wie die Fashion Week, wenn man Kamera, Tablet, Make-Up-Tasche und eine Flasche Wasser mit sich herumschleppt, sollte man wahrscheinlich einen Rucksack tragen. Zum Glueck gibt es zurzeit richtig viele schoene Rucksaecke, sodass ich nicht meine alten Schulrucksaecke rauskramen muss, um meinen Ruecken zu schonen.

 Photos taken by Hai-Yen (Gisela is Back)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Gimme that Dirty Burger!

I thought I was doomed. At least in a social sense. There was everyone's never-ending love for burgers on one side and my total dislike of those greasy bun things. Not a good match, right? Until I went to Dirty Burger and it changed everything...

When it comes to liquorice or even olives, there's a big division between lovers and haters. However, when it comes to burgers, I feel like there's only love going on. Well, except for me.
I always dreaded the question "Where should we go for lunch?" during university. Being surrounded by quite a few burger places, that's where everyone wanted to go to. Of course, I like hanging out with my friends, but how often can you actually eat something you totally dislike? Okay, I didn't use to hate burgers. I just find the buns unbearably dry and prefer my meat not as patties. One or two times are bearable, but once a week? Impossible. So when I walked pass newly opened Dirty Burger in Whitechapel, I was intrigued simply by the look of the restaurant itself: Industrial lamp shades, tables and benches made out of recycled wood and an incredible outdoor seating area (in case we are lucky and get a little sun in London). When I found out they served burgers, I continued walking.

Though, a few weeks later someone from the addicted-to-burger category urged me to give it to go. I did, not expecting too much, but ended up loving it instead! The bun was super soft and mixed gorgeously with the patty that properly tasted like it was fresh from the grill. The avocado salad was pretty decent and a good way to balance out the greasiness of the burger. Reliving the moments I tasted the first burger I liked, I feel like I could do with one again today! So apparently American-style burgers were the ones that changed my opinion after one bite (according to the burger-addict).
Well, how could I have known? Anyway, I do recommend Dirty Burger, apparently the Whitechapel one is a joint restaurant for Dirty Burger and Chicken Shop (which I have yet to try). But I have to add that I'm not sure if it's worth to pay £6.50 for such a tiny cheeseburger, because it was definitely smaller than the ones you normally get at GBK or Byron, so that's a bit of a party-pooper. I guess it's kind of a good way to watch your money and weight, since you won't be inclined to go there every single day! Still, it's definitely a great addition to the less popular part of East London, one which the students around the area will definitely appreciate.

Dirty Burger & Chicken Shop Whitechapel
27A Mile End Road, Whitechapel E1 4TP

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Warehouse AW14 - A Tale of The City

Monochrome? Check. Oversized Coats? Check. Wide Brim Hats? Check. If you've seen my outfits, then you know why the latest Warehouse collection is totally my thing...

Still a bit tired from taking the tube in the morning, I was warmly welcomed by Lauren, Social Media Coordinator for Warehouse (also blogger for The Girl Who Stole London), at their flagship store on Oxford Street. A mocha in one hand and a tablet in the other, she showed me around and introduced me to their new magazine style online platform. I know I've been in London for 3 years now, but I've honestly never stepped inside, thinking Warehouse would be more suitable for my mother. How wrong I was! In comparison to Topshop and co., their pieces are definitely much more mature, but in a good way! There's a lot of black, white and grey going on with a few statement pieces in pastel blue and dusty pink (those coats!). They've even convinced me that leopard print can actually look quite decent as long as the cut is kept simple and clean. Guess, there's even the possibility of converting me to a leopard-print-liker! And trust me, it wasn't just the fruity breakfast that got me convinced. Not too sure about the floral prints, but that's just me being anti-girly. So you should definitely check out their latest pieces in shop or better even online, so you can check out their revamped online shop. It's screams pretty minimalism. Plus, thanks to the new magazine-style blog under the theme "A Tale of the City" you even get the chance to see behind the scenes of the AW14 collection and get some style tips directly from the headquarters. If that doesn't sound exciting, I don't know.
Check out their blog: here.

Monochrom? Ja. Oversized Maentel? Ja. Huete? Nochmal ja. Wenn ihr meine Outfits kennt, dann ist es sicher nicht verwunderlich, warum mir die neue Kollektion von Warehouse so zugesagt hat. Noch ein wenig muede war ich, als ich herzlich von Lauren im Warehouse Store in der Oxford Street empfangen wurde, die sich um die Social Media von Warehouse kuemmert und nebenbei den Blog The Girl Who Stole London fuehrt. Waehrend ich dann an meinem Mocha geschluerft habe, hat sie mich herumgefuehrt und mir noch den neuen Online Shop auf einem iPad gezeigt. Ich weiss, ich bin schon seit 3 Jahren in London, aber ich war noch nie bei Warehouse shoppen. Dachte irgendwie immer, dass es eher Mode fuer meine Mutter ist. Wie falsch ich doch lag! Die Sachen sind auf jeden Fall etwas erwachsener als Topshop und dergleichen, aber auf eine gute Weise! Ganz viel schwarz, weiss und grau und einige Statementteile in Pastelblau und -rosa gibt es. Sogar Leopardenmuster, die ich sogar gut finde, gibt es, denn die Schnitte sind schlicht gehalten, um den Print auszubalancieren. Vielleicht werde ich sogar zum Leopardenprintliebhaber, wer weiss. Die Blumenmuster haben es mir nicht wirklich angetan, aber das ist nur meine persoenliche Abneigung. Also schaut euch den Onlineshop auf jeden Fall an. Dort findet ihr auch tolle Einblicke hinter die Kulissen vom Kampagnenshooting und tolle Stylingtipps: hier